Cardio and Weight Training

Posted: April 2, 2013 in Fitness

We all want to be healthy, look good in our clothing and just be comfortable. There is a healthy weight for us all and I encourage all of you to be the best you that you possibly can. So with that said I will post some fitness tips as well as health tips from time to time. Today I want to talk about Cardio and Weight Training.
Now before any type of exercise it is good to warm up. Stretching, jogging in place, breathing exercises are all ways to warm up before your workout.
When I go to the gym, the first exercise I will do will usually be some sort of cardio, whether it is the Arc Trainer, the Elliptical or the Treadmill, I am getting my heart rate up and burning those calories. For experienced people, doing a high intensity exercise on one of these machines for up to 20 mins (about 300 calories burned) can put your heart rate at the ultimate rate and allow for you to get the most out of a 20 – 30min weight circuit train and then finishing with a 10 min cardio jog or walk for your cool down. A weight train circuit can work both for those who want to tone or want to bulk, that depends on the weight and reps you do…that will come in a later post. So this is what a typical workout for me at the gym looks like:

Sometimes I stretch before, it depends on how active my day at work has been
10 -20 mins on the Arc Trainer.
45 – 55 mins Weight Training which includes the total body, abs, glutes, chest, arms, back and legs.
10 mins Arc Trainer or Elliptical.
Stretching to conclude the workout.

If you are a beginner, I will encourage that you start out with at least 3 days a week working out.  We all have busy schedules so if you can’t make it to the gym, set aside at least 30mins for a good sweat. The gym isn’t required for a lot of this activity and I can help you with that as well. You will be surprised what you can do with a pair 10 – 35lb dumbbells.  Until the next tip, live the WEMA Lifstyle!!! Dumb Bells

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