Obtaining your God-Given Vision!

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Spiritual

When God gives you a vision, sometimes it is hard to notice that it is from God.  The reason behind this is due to the fact that when God gives you a vision it is usually too big for you to conceive what you are to accomplish.  But do we not serve a God who provides our every need according to His will?  If you believe this then know that the vision that God has given you can’t be completed without Him and He doesn’t expect you to complete it on your own.  You have to realize that He chose you as a vessel to complete this vision for your life.  This great thing that He has placed in your heart to do will not only play a part in building His kingdom but it will also be the one thing that He will constantly use to provide and supply all your needs including your desires.  When we walk in obedience to God we are willfully submitting to His will. We are saying to God that I don’t want to do it may way any longer.  I want to do it your way.  I want to live in this vision that you have for my life, I want you Oh Lord to order my steps so that I may be a smile upon your face (Psalm 37) Our visions are predestined and are set for a particular time.  God will reveal that time to you and you will know it. However, we must first submit ourselves to believing that we are purposed for this life and He does have a plan for it.  Even if you don’t fully understand what the Lord is doing in your life, especially if you have falling on hard times and you are at the end of your ropes, just continue to pray and believe God for all things.  Thank Him for a sound mind and for the peace that is coming your way. Thank Him for being that right on time God and ultimate provider to those who love and trust in Him. (Philippians 4:19) Once you submit yourself to God, all the things that you have gone through, the trials and tribulations that you have survived will all become vividly clear, the purpose of it all will work for the vision He has placed in your heart. God Will Provide! Jehovah-jireh (The Lord will provide) So call on Him and have that unshakable faith when the time comes to grow your vision. When you are in the place that God wants you to be, the favor of God will be on your life and the impossible will be made possible through God, the obedience to His word.  If God is with you then you can make it through any circumstance.  If you are in a place where you believe God has given you a vision, I want you to write that vision down so that who reads it may run with it forever, and ever not stopping for anything.  That reader is you!  It is the vision that God has given you so you write it down for yourself and you run with it. How will you know it is a God given vision? 2 kings 2:9-10… The vision will be so clear to you that it will look like you are seeing it in real time with your eyes.


Obtaining your vision!

It must be clear not cloudy, no doubts, it will be clear.  You must run (pray) to receive it.  Pray about this vision constantly. Pray for all things concerning the vision.You must have faith!!! The vision may not come to past right away but your faith is key when in waiting.So wait for the appointed time for the vision to come to past.  God will provide revelation pertaining to your vision in the meantime.  All things that He will provide you will add up to the completion or realization of the vision He gave to you.


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