The Measure of a Calorie!

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Health

A pound of fat is about 3500 calories. In order to lose weight you have to create a calorie deficit in your body. If you burn a lot of calories during your workout but go home and eat the wrong foods or in fact, consume more calories than what you burned, you will not lose weight. There will come a time when you have to eat more calories than you burn but that is body building and other forms of sculpting that I can share later. But you want to get to a point where your metabolism is working in your favor when you are sitting and eating you want to still be burning calories. Some people can safely lose 1 to 2 lbs a week giving you a about 4 – 8 lbs weight loss in a month. Others can lose 10 – 20 lbs in a month given there muscle and fat percentage. If you have more fat percentage, then the chances of you losing a higher amount of weight in a month is greater of course if your metabolic rate is in a normal to high range. Creating a lifestyle change that involves healthier food choices daily and a decent active lifestyle can help you reach your weight loss goals. Try going meatless twice a week and eating more dark green veggies, fruits, and if you can, eat cheese on those meatless days. The fiber, protein, fats, carbs and other nutrients you get from these foods will begin to clean your system out and once you do this on a regular basis you will see changes in your body.

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