He and She

Posted: May 1, 2014 in Poetry
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I can’t explain my thoughts of you as neatly as I want to.

You have this way about you that mystifies my mind leaving me thoughtless, I feel like a fool.

Your touch, your smell, your voice, your choice of words when you speak to me.

What is it about you that spellbounds me?

Maybe I am thinking too much, too heavily about the nature of you.

I have this wall built so tall that my lust for you eclipse my trust for you.

And I do want to trust you

I just need to know what it is, the mystery of you!

I feel weightless around you able to be carefree, be myself as God intended me to be.

Embracing the fullness of my femininity you weaken me to a state of clarity because I

see the man that once mystified me so clearly.

The walls are coming down, bricks falling all around me.

Now my trust overshadows my lust, you are more than just the He to my She.

You are the He that is in Me producing a fruit that never turns sour but

A bittersweet vine perfectly intertwined. That’s you and me!

Producing both pain and pleasure, an earthly casualty.


© Brandi N. Anderson

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