Light Blue

Posted: May 1, 2014 in Poetry
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This was a short story I wrote almost 10 years ago.  Who knows, maybe I will write a part 2.  Tell me what you think.


Smooth music playing in the background as I wrap my lips around my straw, just enough to suck the potent liquid contained in the glass but not too hard to ruin my lips.

Ahh!!! Home girl know she hooked my Long Island up, just the way I like it, a little lime, lots of rum and you can’t forget the vodka, all top shelf.

I turn to watch the dance floor because it’s ballroom night.

We have the usual players, the kat with the matching hat, suit, and shoes. He just doesn’t know how much of a fool he looks, but hey if he likes it I love it.

Then we have the kat with the pony tail and he is balding in the front. Some people just don’t know when to give it up.

Then we have the kat who has it together. I mean he smells good, looks good, and speaks well. I love a man who can speak. He has on his light blue linen suit, bald shinny head, and a go-tee that drives all the women crazy when he looks their way.

We spoke a few times, just honest flirting but I wasn’t looking to get anything from it.

But today, brother man had it going on.

My girl finally walks in the door like she isn’t late and I told her to sit her procrastinating ass down and have a drink.

She proceeds to tell me about how her day went and how every man she passed today wanted her number. This is truly a typical day for her because my girl is fine but tonight I wasn’t paying to much attention to the conversation, I  was starring at “light blue”. So as soon as she was finished talking she caught a glimpse of who I was looking at and said “girl is that….” I said “yes it is T, that is Mr. Light Blue himself.” You see, my girl never met him before and I am sure she would like to get to know Light Blue, but I had to let her know, he is mine tonight. I told her to go mess with pony tail or matching man. Of course she saw a brother that fits her taste….the man who is buying all the drinks. That’s T, you gotta love her, there is no one like this woman.

So now once again I am at the bar alone but I know I won’t be for long. Because what I didn’t tell you is that as I was watching Light Blue dance the dance he does so well, he was looking at me too. So I fix myself, make sure the boobies are up and smiling, make sure the hair isn’t all frizzie, and I definitely make sure the breath is right as he is walking across the dance floor towards me. As he is walking, I can just hear music playing, it’s not the music in the club but it is his own music. Yes y’all, he has his own theme music, well, he does to me anyway. As he approaches me, he doesn’t look at me from head to toe but focuses on my eyes, he proceeds to ask me ”Why don’t you dance?”  I say, “baby I do dance, I just don’t ballroom but if you would like to teach me, you have to take it slow.”

He smiles and say’s, “Girl you got some game, but I will take it as slow as you need.”  He grabs my hand and leads me to the dance floor. My girl Janet song was just finishing up, “Enjoy Yourself” and the Temptations version of “Some Enchanted Evening” came on.

This is one of my favorite songs and perfect to ballroom to. He whispers in my ear “Just follow me, let me lead you just be free”. We start close and I can feel his chest up against mind. He takes two steps back, so I follow, he spins me out, and I flow with it. He twirls me back in but now I am behind him. He steps slowly to the right, and spins me to the right. We dance like this through the entire song and I am thinking to myself, “You are ballrooming girl.” He finishes the dance doing what just the song repeats at the end, “Never let, Never ever let her go”. My back towards his chest and his face tucked away in my neck holding me tight and not letting me go until the song ends. I look over at my girl and she smiles at me. Giving me the seal of approval letting me know I did awesome. So I walk back to the bar and Light Blue follows. We have a few more drinks and chat. We talk about our present lives and future ambitions. We talk about silly things like embarrassing moments and the most disgusting thing you ever done when you were a child. He showed me the side of him that I always wanted to know…his personality. Thinking to myself “Mmm Mr. Light Blue, how can a sista get next to you?”  I looked at the time and it was late, I finished up my conversation and told him that I will see him maybe next time. I signaled for my girl to let her know I was ready to leave and he grabbed my hand, whispered again in my ear and slipped his card into my purse. I told him thanks for the dance and I will think about calling him and that was that. Now, I guess you want to know what he whispered in my ear right? Well let’s just say that it was any woman’s dream and at the same time, every woman’s nightmare. He said “You don’t have to walk alone in this world. You’re much too much for that. Spend some time with me and I can show you what it is to be with a real man”. Let’s just say Mr. Light Blue, has me just a bit curious. It’s dangerous out here ladies, but if you have a “Light Blue” in your life. Let him treat you as you should be treated. If he turns out to be your king, great, if not….at least you had a good time. Good night for now, until next time…


© Brandi N. Anderson

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