Posted: May 1, 2014 in Poetry
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Your perception of me is a misconception concocted by the images your eyes see.

You need to evaluate and then validate to find the truth behind the eyes…the mind’s eye.

Enhance it, process it, review it and then submit it.

Analyze them thoroughly make sure you are hearing me when I say…you don’t know me.

‘cause to know me your perception of me will change to truth and the conception of me

will manifest itself in front of you.

It’s not that hard but it’s not easy, I am simple with a little complexity.

Makes life fun don’t you think?

I am but an empty canvas for God to paint His perfect Will for my life on.

His strokes of the brush move chaotically over the canvas as colors combine

forming shapes and lines until He say’s “It is finish.”

I am a work in progress, a woman being reborn to become that woman I am called to be.

So don’t let your misconception silence your questions.

The answers to those questions can clear up some of those misconceptions,

that is if you ask them.

A closed mouth doesn’t get fed and so a closed book doesn’t get read.

So here I am, a book, open me up and take a look.

© Brandi N. Anderson

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