Posted: May 9, 2014 in Poetry
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Back then I use to think it was me, the reason we didn’t work out completely.

I felt that you were my blessing, there was no second guessing for my thoughts were concreted in my heart.

Time went on but still I knew.

It was you that I was meant to love.

Thinking that heaven above proclaimed you to be he but it was me who said that it should be and so it was.

It was fun while it lasted, the spell broken once casted.

It’s time for the realness, I mean my newness to arrive.

I take a sledge hammer to that concrete and break up the memories of you and I ’cause those memories of what use to be but what use to be was always just a fallacy.

You did me a favor truthfully and wonderfully brought me closer to my savior!

That is what I am taking from this and oh yea the thought of my love that you will surely miss.

With a kiss good-bye to send you on your way. A started a new chapter and closed the one about you today!


©Brandi Anderson

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