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It lingers on taunting me but pleasing my senses.

Its boldness with its determination to stay when your body has already left.

I come home from a day filled with stress ready to wash it all off and relax.

I find your scent waiting to welcome me pleasantly like wine, scented candles, soft music with melodic melodies playing in my ear.

Your scent on my pillow puts me under.

Your scent on my pillow makes me wonder how I got through those days without your scent on my pillow to calm me.

I can sometimes smell you throughout my day. Your scent travels inside me as if I inhaled you permanently.

Your scent engulfs me like the wings of an eagle. 

Your scent has the power to carry me away to foreign lands bringing me closer to my enchanted destiny.

Yes, your scent is hypnotizing, tantalizing, exotic, and strong.

Fierce with its persistence but gentle with its approach.

Your scent coaxes me to know thee in a new form…the King’s language.

Because thou has blessed thee with an aromatic libation cleansing my thoughts

of unwanted intoxications that blocks me from enjoy you!

Changing the pillow cases isn’t an easy task because I know with the change of the case

your scent is erased and my pillow scent is replaced by one of those commercial scents.

So I will wait patiently for you to return to place your head on my pillow.  

Leaving your scent for me to come home to, a few days of my aroma therapy.

Your scent on my pillow, your scent on my pillow, your scent on my pillow,



© Brandi N. Anderson